Almost Millions: Personal Finance For Freelancers, 1099ers, & The Self-Employed

Here’s some great advice, courtesy of Quartz’s Jenny Anderson:

  • Your career will be a million things, but never exactly what you want when you want it. It will be big and bright and shiny and then it won’t be. Maybe it will be again, or maybe it will be modest—and still meaningful. You will work out which set of sacrifices make sense to you, and those will change over time.
  • Saying yes is more fun than saying no (you can always say no later)…
  • Except to the mortgage you cannot afford. Do not say yes to that. You will watch people make epically bad financial decisions, buying a house they cannot afford or committing to a BMW X5 lifestyle that doesn’t add up. Buy the smaller house, and the peace of mind that comes with that.