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Cheaper cable television? One of the problems with cable or satellite bills is that, well, pricing isn’t transparent. You aren’t sure what you’re paying for, you’re paying for a lot of channels you don’t want to watch, and the amount you’re paying isn’t necessarily the same amount someone else is paying.

But there’s good news: Shrinking the size of your cable television bill isn’t impossible.’s Bob Sullivan recommends these six methods for lowering your cable bill:

  • “Skinny Television Packages”: Providers including Comcast and Verizon both offer limited packages of channels that cost approximately $50 per month.
  • Promotion Pricing: See an attractive promo package in an advertisement for new consumers? Call your television provider, threaten to switch to a competitor unless they offer you a better deal, and bring up the price you saw in the advertisement.
  • Keep Track Of When Your Current Promotion Ends: When time is running out on your current discount cable, satellite, or FIOS television promotion, call your provider to negotiate an extension or a better deal altogether.
  • Call Immediately Before Your Current Promotion Ends: Many television providers offer retainment specials in the days directly preceding and following the end of a customer’s promotion.
  • Lower Your Cable Box Rental Costs: Only get one cable box for your house, and use Roku or Chromecast sets–which you only buy once and don’t have to pay a monthly rental fee for–in other rooms instead.
  • Do A Television Audit: “Do a TV-watching audit during the next month or two. I’ll bet you’ll find that you can replace about 95% of your TV/screen habit with less than 50% of the cost,” Sullivan writes. “That’s an equation you can’t resist, and could really help you cut your monthly bills. Live, local sports is still the holdout, but with all the money you’ll save, you can probably afford to eat out at your local sports bar with the savings. And you might make some friends, too.”

What are your cable/satellite television savings tips?