A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor, Via Imgur User Natsumori
A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor, Via Imgur User Natsumori

Yes, you can find useful advice from a financial advisor on Imgur. Best known as Reddit’s main image-sharing site, Imgur has lots of unexpected corners–including helpful money advice from a financial advisor.

Last year, a Imgur user named Natsumori put together this great Day in the Life of a Financial Advisor. Using memes to explain some of the worst financial whoopsies he encountered, Natsumori makes you feel better (hopefully!) about your own money situation, while sharing some valuable advice along the way.

A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor

Make a Plan With a Client To Use Their $8.5k Tax Refund to Fix Their Financial Deficit, Come Back 3 Days After They Received Their Refund. They spent it all.

Lesson Learned: Instead of spending the bulk of their tax refund on paying off debt that’s “killing their budget,” some people will treat their extended family to an Olive Garden mega-meal and new car rims instead.

Couple Goes to Bars Literally Every Night, I Recommend They Spend Just 1 Night A Week In. They're Out Of Money And It Would Save Them $5496/Year. They Refuse.


Lesson Learned: If you receive a wedding gift that can pay for a down payment on a new home, it might not be the best idea to spend ~$100 daily going to the bar and grabbing fast food afterwards.

Presents Financial Plan: You Mean You Can't Just Call A Number And Make My Debt Go Away?

Lesson Learned: Sometimes getting out of debt and building a budget means not spending as much money and making hard decisions–it’s not as easy as paying a financial advisor and going forward from there.

Do not do not do not do not ever buy whole life

Lesson Learned: Natsumori isn’t a fan of whole life insurance, which is widely offered by insurance companies and salespeople. Whole life insurance pays out only when the person named in the policy dies. As he put it on Imgur, whole life is “a bucket that filters out money from the top and has a giant open hole at the bottom.”

At an advisement appointment, accidentally discover that client's wife is stealing from him

Lesson Learned: There can be a lot of deception about money in relationships–something that’s (really, actually) called financial infidelity. While helping a family member out, the financial planner discovered something bad: His client’s wife was using his Walmart credit card to shift money into an account she secretly opened. It turns out the wife was a con woman who was also doing this to other family members. Uh oh.

A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor… Continued

Client buys 2 large red bulls and nachos at the gas station every day, I don't understand why I'm broke


Lesson Learned: The little things add up. Every can of soda, every impulse buy at the mall, and every $5 gadget on Amazon adds up. If you’re buying two large Red Bulls and nachos at the gas station each day, you aren’t just giving yourself a beer gut–you’re wasting thousands of dollars you could spend on a really great vacation or that big screen TV you always wanted.

I'm too young to think about retirement

Lesson Learned: If you have a 401(k), a stock portfolio, a Roth IRA or anything of the sort, compound interest is awesome. Starting to save for retirement in your twenties means the money you save earns a lot more interest than it would later on, and you can be the rad kind of retiree who treats their golden years like a giant, ridiculous summer camp.

Spends $400/wk on fast food, still paying off loan on $1500 cookware set they don't ever use

Lesson Learned: Two lessons here–don’t spend $400 a week on fast food, and only buy big ticket items that you’re going to use.

Rent more than half their income. Car loans also more than half their income. I don't want to sell my car because I've already put so much into it.

Lesson Learned: Don’t buy more car than you can afford–your new car might look awesome, but eating off-brand macaroni and cheese at home to make payments is kind of crappy. Make sure your car has affordable payments, and don’t be afraid to cash out if you find yourself unable to make payments. It’s better to sell your car today and use the earnings to get out of debt and buy a temporary car than have your fancy car repossessed.

Notice a friend is in financial straits, offer to work on a budget with them to right their finances. "I'm too broke to make a budget."

Lesson Learned: Everyone needs to budget. If you’re broke, budgeting will help you have more money to play with. If you’re in debt, budgeting will help you get out of debt. If you’re financially comfortable, budgeting means being able to splurge more on better things. The best part? Starting a budget is easy.