Creative Freelancer Personal Finance Via Tom Ventura,

Creative freelancers are designers, writers, musicians, artists, animators, photographers, and similar types. They are either self-employed or run their own business. Many creative freelancers have very particular money and personal finance concerns. And, crucially, they like spending more time being creative than shuffling paperwork.

Xero’s awesome Xero Gravity podcast’s new episode is called Creative Freelancers, Get Your Finances Together that focuses on a lot of what Almost Millions discusses: Making money last when freelancers are between assignments, negotiating with clients for better rates, keeping track of tax paperwork, and how to let your work projects subsidize your passion projects.

Paco de Leon, the guest who appears on Xero’s podcast, also runs a personal finance education outfit in Los Angeles called The Hell Yeah Group. Their services include live workshops and seminars, and are well worth checking out.