Nusii screenshot

In Almost Millions’ ongoing quest to find the best tools for freelancers and self-employed professionals, we’ve been paying a lot of attention to online proposal software lately.

Proposal software and apps streamline the complicated process of launching new projects. They handle things like bid proposals, statements of work, and determining when deliverables are due.

Nusii is an interesting tool that streamlines the proposal process for designers, but it’s good for just about everyone. The software comes with templates for client projects like social media campaigns and web design commissions which makes things much easier.

One of Nusii’s most useful aspects is how it streamlines the process of getting signatures and buy-ins from all stakeholders. This is especially important for freelancers because, after all, you want clear expectations so you will be paid on time. Nusii automatically generates proposals and lets users sign online.

Nusii Costs And Benefits

Nusii offers three pricing tiers. The cheapest option is a bare-bones $29 monthly starter plan for one user which generates up to two proposals a month. Moving up from that, there’s a $50 monthly package for up to two users that generates up to 12 proposals a month. Users also receive goodies like a custom domain and online esigning of documents. There’s also a $129 monthly business plan designed for enterprise users.

A big part of Nusii’s sales pitch is ultra-responsive customer service and a wide range of templates for users to utilize. If you work on regular projects doing similar kinds of work for different clients, this is very helpful.

However, costs stack up for the software packages Nusii is used in conjunction with. If you’re using (and you should) software like Xero, Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, expenses add up quickly. There are also competing software products like Bidsketch that also generate proposals.

Is Nusii Worth It?

Users on review sites like Capterra seem to like Nusii. It’s also designed with a specific audience in mind; writing on Medium, founder Nathan Powell said the target audience are “creative professionals” like freelance designers and digital agencies.

In terms of user experience and interface, Nusii offers a seamless environment for creating bid proposals and sending them to potential clients.

The big stumbling point, however, is cost. For many independent businesses, $29 or $50 a month is a substantial money outlay that could be used elsewhere. If you’re generating enough sales to justify the additional cost, we highly recommend using Nusii or a similar product. In the meantime, learning a bit about how making great project proposals will help you earn a lot more as a freelancer. But that’s a discussion for another day….