One of the biggest challenges freelancers face is how there’s no one-stop app for administrative tasks. Many self-employed folks (ourselves included) use separate products for time tracking, invoicing, and making project proposals. But one SaaS service on the market, Motiv, is trying something different: A complete business management app for freelancers.

What Is Motiv?

According to the app’s marketing materials, Motiv is a “complete solution to all of the unique obstacles faced by those who are self-employed.”

Motiv is accessed through the web either on desktops or tablets/mobile devices, and offers a number of features. The product can build proposals or contracts, generate quotes for projects, handles invoicing, tracks expenses and receipts, and tracks how much time projects take.

How Much Does It Cost?

Like most web-based services, Motiv charges a monthly subscription fee. As of June 2016, Motiv is $15 monthly per each individual user at a business.

What Is It Like?

One of Motiv’s biggest distinguishing factors is that it’s built in a HTML 5 website rather than offering dedicated iOS or Android apps. While this keeps development costs down, it offers a different experience from competitors with dedicated mobile products.

Additionally, while Motiv offers a host of services, the functionality on many of these is limited. Bidsketch and Nusii, for instance, have more features for generating project proposals. FreshBooks and Xero are much more robust at invoicing.

Users on Capterra, a business software review site, have also complained about customer service taking a long time to respond. We haven’t encountered any of these issues, however.

Motiv does have its benefits, however. At $15 a month, the price is right for business software. In terms of functionality, it does a lot of things but doesn’t do them as well as the competition. With that said, Motiv is a great one-stop shop for freelancing productivity help at a price that can’t be beat.


Motiv also put together a great tool freelancers will love–even if they aren’t Motiv customers. The Motiv team assembled a Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator which will generate exactly what it says it does. Want an idea of how much you need to charge to meet expenses? This offers a quite wonderful start.