Proposify for freelancers

There’s a bit of an arms race when it comes to project proposal generators. Lately, I’ve been increasingly interested in Proposify, a full-featured proposal building system similar to Nusii, Bidsketch, and other tools. Although designed for agency work, Proposify seems rather useful for independent freelancers.

Proposify has some very strong points: It includes plenty of templates for different kinds of projects and an intuitive UI. While not as aggressively marketed as some of their competitors, the product offers plenty of bang for the buck.

Proposify Costs And Benefits

Proposify offers several pricing plans that seem to mirror the coffee sizes at a global corporate coffee monolith. There’s a “Tall” plan ($25/month or $250/year) which seems well suited to freelancers; it offers up to five active proposals at a time and integrations with Hubspot, Basecamp, Freshbooks, and a host of other services.

More expensive Grande, Vente, and Trenta plans have much higher price points and include extras like custom training, roles & permissions, and custom domains that might not be of use to a small business.

Most users will enjoy Proposify’s ease of use. It imports existing project proposals and turns them into templates painlessly. Proposify also offers over 25 freelancer-friendly templates for everything from branding projects to ecommerce, landscape architecture, and UX design.

There are also robust search capabilities baked into the product. This is helpful for freelancers who frequently reuse portions of the same content–such as descriptions of their organization or commonly performed tasks–in different proposals.

Is Proposify Worth It?

For freelancers, Proposify offers a large number of features and plenty of templates for a low price point. While you have to have enough business coming in monthly to justify spending $25 on a project proposal generator every 30 days, it can save a substantial amount of time. Just as importantly, Proposify creates proposals that may look more professional than those built in Microsoft Word without a well-built template.

On Capterra, a review service for business software products, users praise Proposify’s customer service as well. This is an added bonus, and it’s always helpful to have a company that responds promptly when issues arise.

The biggest challenge for many freelancers is the simple fact that Proposify is designed for agencies and not for self-employed professionals. Like Trello, it works a little differently when used by an individual rather than in a group setting… but the rewards can be very useful indeed.

Proposify’s team also produces an excellent podcast geared towards small business owners that we love a lot.