Trello For Freelancers: Project Management And To-Do Tips

Trello Project Management For Freelancers 1

If you’re self employed, your financial success depends on project management. This means using a best-in-class project management tool to organize your workflow. Here at Almost Millions, we’re huge fans of Trello–an amazingly helpful project management tool designed to keep tabs on work projects.

Trello For Freelancers:: What Is Trello?

Trello is an app and website that lets users easily manage projects and tasks. It is incredibly easy to learn (!) and free (!!!), which are two big points in its favor. If you use Trello for the first time, its bulletin board-like interface feels kind of like a cross between Evernote and Pinterest. That’s a very good thing.

If you’re a visual thinker, Trello is amazing. Users create individual Trello boards, which are essentially web pages with lists laid out horizontally across the page. Individual items on each list are called cards, and can be dragged and dropped o other lists or reordered.

Each card can include elements like checklists, images, attachments, deadline dates, colored labels, and discussion notes if you’re working in a group.

Cards can also be created by email or by clipping individual web pages using a Chrome or Safari extension.

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Trello For Freelancers:: Why Is Trello Good For Freelancers?

If you run your own business (and, if you are a freelancer, you definitely run your own business), staying organized is essential. Trello offers an easy way to keep your projects and tasks organized–it’s easier to use than other products in the market, and looks beautiful to boot.

One place where Trello is especially helpful is in managing benchmarks for projects, and confirming that you’ve done all the work for your client that they requested. Numerous templates are available online for just about any task imaginable: Trello Dojo is an incredible resource and we also recommend Trello Inspiration.

Some of these customized boards can be incredibly beautiful. One example is Learnvest’s guide to How To Start A Business.

Trello For Freelancers: Using Trello When You’re Self-Employed

As an independent professional using Trello, you’ll notice something quickly: Trello is designed for collaboration. Although you can use it easily on your own, the platform is made for interacting with others.

One great way to use Trello is as a brainstorming point with your clients. By sharing a Trello board with clients, you have a central online bulletin board for brainstorming and sharing ideas. This is something that’s extremely helpful.

In addition, Trello Gold–the paid $5/month version of the service–allows users to integrate Trello with a wide variety of apps to handle invoices, payments, due dates and more. Although a bit of fiddling with Trello’s settings is required as a solo entrepreneur, it’s worth its weight in gold (sorry).