If you feel like your credit card debt is overwhelming, it might be useful to seek consumer debt counseling. Services offered through certified groups like American Consumer Credit Counseling and other providers can be very helpful. They offer both debt counseling and credit consolidation services that offer a way out of endless credit card debt.

Seeking a reputable credit card debt counseling company can help you reduce your interest rate on the amount you owe and to repair your credit score.

It’s important to find consumer debt counseling from an organization that is both non-profit and belongs to a group that offers certification like the NFCC. Remember: Don’t rush in to using one debt counseling service; Google and do some research first.

Finding a qualified credit card debt counseling organization whose services match your needs and your income can be extremely helpful. They also can offer multiple solutions for you to work with in your quest to repair your credit.

In addition, credit card debt counseling agencies have relationships with lenders which can cut deals and settle your credit card debt settled much more quickly than if you were doing it on your own.

The second issue is that credit card debt counselors work with a large number of clients; their experience and the number of people they work with gives them a perspective that can help you in your quest to get out of debt.

In the end, there’s one important thing to remember: Do your research. Find a credit card debt counseling service that is non-profit, certified in your state, and makes its primary goal helping its clients–and not make themselves richer.