Credit cards
Credit Cards

There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you’re overwhelmed by managing your consumer credit card debt.

Many people simply get nervous dealing with financial issues, credit card debt management included. If that sounds like you, it might be smart to seek out a consumer debt counselor to offer advice or repayment packages, or to seek the help of an outside financial expert.

Remember: Almost Millions’ advice is for informational purposes only, and if you’re looking for financial advice, we recommend seeking out a certified public accountant or a similar certified finance professional.

With that said, there are a few guidelines that can help you work with a debt counseling service or another professional to manage your consumer credit card debt. For all of these, the goal is to both reduce your debt and control your spending.

Meeting with a credit card debt management company or a consumer credit card debt counseling service offers the service of a qualified professional who can put their knowledge to work for you. By working with these credit card debt management professionals, you manage from their experience and knowledge.

Credit card debt management professionals know tips and tricks that help, and in many cases their parent organizations have existing relationships with lenders. Those existing relationships can help them negotiate a lower interest rate on repayment than you could normally find on your own.

There’s another benefit to working with a consumer credit card debt counselor: It saves you a lot of time. By working with them, you substantially reduce the time you’d otherwise spend researching or Googling potential repayment packages.

Just make sure your counselor works for a certified, non-profit organization… and is looking out for your best interest. Remember: You want to pay less, not more.

What are your experiences with debt counseling and consumer credit card debt services? Let us know in the comments.