Credit card debt is difficult to cope with. There are a few ways of handling your credit card debt that include debt consolidation and bank loans. But there’s an alternative you can do yourself: Credit card debt negotiation.

Credit card debt negotiation involves focusing on your credit cards that carry the most debt. Then you tackle the cards with the highest APRs and/or annual fees. While you can’t ask your credit providers to forgive your debt, you can ask them to reduce your APR or give waivers for annual fees.

Does Credit Card Debt Negotiation Work?

Although your mileage may vary depending on your credit card issuer, it’s worth a try to talk to them. Tell your credit card provider about your plans to pay off your credit card debt. See if your issuer will offer you a lower APR on your account. It shouldn’t take long–most card issuers answer the phone promptly, and it’s a very low risk way to improve your credit.

Whether you’re successful in credit card debt negotiation depends on many factors: The age of your account, your payment history, your current balance, and the issuer’s policies all come into play. The best part is that it’s extremely low risk–all you have to do is call your credit card issuer, ask them to lower your APR or shave some fees, and see what happens.

Once that’s done, you can work on a roadmap to building financial health after paying off your credit card debt. Then look at alternative options such as credit card debt consolidation or consumer debt counseling. Remember: you want to improve your personal financial health so your freelance, side gig, or self-employed business can succeed…. Which will then net you more money in turn. And we all want to be successful at the thing we’re passionate about? And earn more money? That’s right we do!