Developer? Designer? Here’s How Much You Should Earn Per Hour

Freelance Rate Explorer

Here’s something interesting: We just stumbled on a website which shows average hourly rates for your field and geographic area. Called the Freelance Rate Explorer, the site breaks down average pay rates for developers and designers in different parts of the United States, in England, in Canada, and in Australia.

Depending on your specialty–which can be anything from full stack development to iOS or Android specialties, or graphic design, or UX/UI, your pay rate can vary considerably. Helpfully, the site shows how much you can expect to be paid for your experience level as well.

What is the Freelance Rate Explorer?

The Freelance Rate Reporter is produced by Bonsai, a firm which specializes in invoicing and contract-drafting tools for freelancers. The rates you get in the calculator are determined by Bonsai’s aggregated data.

According to the company, developers earn on average approximately 30% more than designers. This stays consistent even when you compare high earning product designers with front-end/Android developers, who typically earn less.

How does the Freelance Rate Explorer show average pay rates?

According to Bonsai, they took their structured aggregated data from customers and mapped it to a set of tags like UI/UX design and front end development. This was done by developing a small script which identified skills in job descriptions and tagged them. Freelancers were then hired to ensure accuracy and make sure information was correct.

How should you use the Freelance Rate Explorer?

The site should be used as a benchmark or a guide, not as something that offers a verified hourly rate for how much you should be earning. Bonsai recommends that you take into account the demand for your services, your personal short term and long term career goals, existing client relationship, and any non-monetary value you get from your particular project such as adding a particular client name to your portfolio or networking.