How To Start A Company When You Have No Free Time: Our Link Picks, 12/16/2016

How To Start A Company When You Have No Free Time

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Marriage counselors tell us that couples frequently tie the knot without discussing the core matters that can cement or sunder their marriage: finances, children, religion. Well, let me add one under-discussed biggie to the list: restaurant dining.

The Economics Of Restaurant Dining (Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View)

I used to work in video games as Facebook’s games platform (and cow clicking) was on the rise. I would comb through Facebook’s API and developer docs to identify new, creative ways to built within their platform. As platforms emerge and evolve, new opportunities arise. Today I might explore Google Home, Alexa, or Facebook Messenger.

How To Come Up With Side Project Ideas (Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt/Medium)

I’d received a lot of questions regarding what steps an entrepreneur or small business needs to go through when setting up a business. As well as whether or not they should operate as a sole proprietor, a general partnership, or set up an LLC or Corporation.

Your Legal Questions Answered (Nick Loper & Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Side Hustle Nation)

One year ago I quit my job to start Winnie, an app that connects parents with the local information they need most. At the time, my baby was just a few months old. Having a baby and a startup is hard enough, but a few months after starting Winnie, my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and required extensive treatment. I went from having no time to having negative time.

How To Start A Company With No Free Time (Sara Mauskopf, Product Grind/Medium)