The Best Alexa Flash Briefings

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If you want to keep track of the news and what’s happening in the world, Amazon Alexa is amazing.

The “Flash Briefing” feature on Amazon Echo and other devices will change the way you listen to the news! With Flash Briefings, Alexa offers pre-recorded updates from NPR, BBC News, The Associated Press, and more that covers everything from weather to sports to politics.

Some of the best Alexa Flash Briefings are listed below, and here’s a guide to setting up Flash Briefings as well:

Setting Up Alexa Flash Briefings

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Go to the panel on the left hand side, and select Settings.
  3. Click on Flash Briefing
  4. Use the options to customize the mix of news headlines, shows, and weather you want for your flash briefing. You can switch up the order using Edit Order as well.

See below for some of our favorites for Alexa Flash Briefings to include, and check out our guide to Amazon Alexa Apps & Skills as well.

The Best Alexa Flash Briefings

Alexa Things To Try: This popular add-on to Alexa Flash Briefings gives helpful daily tips on Alexa and Amazon Echo/Amazon Tap features.

To install: Order Alexa Things To Try or tell Alexa “Enable Alexa Things To Try Skill.”

BBC: TuneIn’s BBC app provides flash briefings of the latest BBC World Service News.

To install: Order BBC or tell Alexa “Enable BBC Skill.”

CBC News hourly updates: The CBC’s news skill has hourly news updates with the latest Canadian and global headlines.

To install: Order CBC News hourly updates or tell Alexa “Enable CBC News hourly updates skill.”

CNBC Flash Briefing: CNBC’s Flash Briefing has hourly business news updates.

To install: Order CNBC Flash Briefing or tell Alexa “Enable CNBC Flash Briefing skill.”

CNN: CNN Interactive offers an Alexa skill with real time updates and breaking news stories.

To install: Order CNN or tell Alexa “Enable CNN skill.”

The Daily From The New York Times: One of the world’s most popular newspapers offers a 15-minute daily briefing on news or updates.

To install: Order The Daily From The New York Times or tell Alexa “Enable The Daily From The New York Times Skill.”

Digg: Digg’s official Alexa skill offers top stories on Digg right now, including news, politics, technology, entertainment, and sports.

To install: Order Digg or tell Alexa “Enable Digg skill.”

Fox News: The popular news channel’s Alexa skill gives the latest audio news from Fox News and Fox Business.

To install: Order Fox News or tell Alexa “Enable Fox News skill.”

Fox Sports Radio: Iheartradio has created an extensive skill for Fox Sports Radio that offers the latest sports news.

To install: Order Fox Sports Radio or tell Alexa “Enable Fox Sports Radio skill.”

Huffington Post Morning Update: The Huffington Post Morning Update helps you start your day with everything you need to know: breaking news, entertainment and a dash of fun.

To install: Order Huffington Post Morning Update or tell Alexa “Enable Huffington Post Morning Update skill.”

Law360 News: Hear the latest Law360 top news headlines as part of your Flash Briefing. Law360 is your one-stop source for legal news and analysis, covering major developments in litigation, legislation/regulation, and corporate deals across more than 41 practice areas, industries, and states.

To install: Order Law360 News or tell Alexa “Enable Law360 News skill.”

NBC Bay Area News: NBC’s flash briefing gives daily updates for San Francisco and the Bay Area.

To install: Order NBC Bay Area News or tell Alexa “Enable NBC Bay Area News skill.”

Ozy Daily Dose: Every morning, we profile the people, places, trends and technology that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours.

To install: Order Ozy Daily Dose or tell Alexa “Enable Ozy Daily Dose skill.”

Quartz: Business magazine Quartz brings the most important and interesting news from around the global economy, three times daily.

To install: Order Quartz or tell Alexa “Enable Quartz skill.”

TheSkimm: Email newsletter TheSkimm breaks down what’s going on in the world with fresh editorial content.

To install: Order TheSkimm or tell Alexa “Enable TheSkimm skill.”

Top Reddit Posts (Unofficial): This unofficial app from Josh Jones turns Reddit’s top posts into an Alexa flash briefing.

To install: Order Top Reddit Posts (Unofficial) or tell Alexa “Enable Top Reddit Posts skill.”

Washington Post: The Washington Post has a detailed and useful daily briefing covering national and international use.

To install: Order Washington Post or tell Alexa “Enable Washington Post skill.”

WGN Radio Flash Briefing For Chicago: Chicago’s all news radio station offers daily flash briefings of Chicago-area news.

To Install: Order WGN Radio Flash Briefing or tell Alexa “Enable WGN Radio Flash Briefing skill.”

(Updated 4/2/2017)