The Six Biggest Money Challenges: Your Weekly Links, 2/23/17

The Six Biggest Money Challenges

Each week, Almost Millions offers up the best links to make you awesome about being self-employed. Here are our latest articles, as well as some great stuff to buy:

Things To Read.

1. Accountant Josh Bauerle of CPA On Fire just appeared on the Order Of Man podcast to explain how to build a part-time home business on the side. (Order Of Man)

2. Freelancers can be any age. Here are three lessons for freelancers over 40. (Tyra Seldon / Freelancers Union)

3. How millennials can overcome their six biggest money challenges. (Brett & Kate McKay / The Art of Manliness)

4. Check out this easy guide to what business expenses are tax deductible. (Paco de Leon / The Hell Yeah Group)

5. Why the creator of TurboTax invests so much money into lobbying against simpler tax forms. (Michael Hiltzik / The Los Angeles Times)

6. Instacart appears to be making it harder for their delivery workers to receive tips. (Jason Del Rey / Re/Code)

Things To Buy.

1. Getting Things Done is still the granddaddy of time management books, and that’s because it’s amazing.

2. TheĀ Altra Core 2 Drawer File Cabinet is perfect for the Scandinavian-chic office of your dreams… or just a corner of your bedroom. Either way.

3. The Amazon Fire Tablet is the best $50 tablet you’ll find, ever. Also, $50 tablets? We live in the future.