How To Resume

Each week, Almost Millions offers up the best links to make you awesome about being self-employed. Here are our latest articles, as well as some great stuff to buy:

Things To Read.

  1. How an author turns her book writing career into six different revenue streams. (Seattle Times / Jennifer Rorick)
  2. Are you a freelancer? Here’s how to list freelance work on your resume. (Lightpost / Lindsay Deutsch)
  3. A personal finance columnist sums up 23 years of work in his final column. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Jim Gallagher)
  4. Why you need to diagnose your new client before the sale. (Bidsketch / Terri Scott)

Things To Buy.

This week: How to manage time like a straight up champion.

  1. Read Amazon’s best-selling Manage Your Day-To-Day by Jocelyn K. Glei and 99U.
  2. Use a Panda Planner to organize your schedule and track events.
  3. Manage your day-to-day on the go with the Pebble Steel Smartwatch.