Cushion App For Freelancers Adds New Features

Cushion App For Freelancers

Cushion, a popular freelancer productivity app, is adding some new functionality. Users can now track their time (in beta), see breakdowns of their work day-by-day, export invoices, and integrate Stripe payments.

Cushion App: Designed For Freelancer Forecasting

Cushion is a low-cost ($5-$10/month) service designed to help freelancers keep track of income, schedules, and projects. The app is designed for solo freelancers, and includes features like income projection and vacation settings designed especially for standalone workers.

There’s only a desktop version for now–Cushion doesn’t have a mobile app yet–but it lets you easily track invoices, clients, and projects. The goal is to help self-employed people and frelancers manage their time and your income.

Using Cushion, users can view which invoices are outstanding, how much money they make monthly, and their upcoming projects. According to Cushion, the app “Will help you manage your unpredictable schedule and bring a calm to your unsteady income.”

There’s an intuitive layout, everything is laid out in a very graphic manner, and setup is just a couple of minutes.

Cushion App For Freelancers

Cushion App: New Functionality

Their beta time-tracking feature has a day view, too. Users can “draw” their time in the day view–this is a new feature designed to help freelancers manage their daily work more effectively.

Another new feature is a flexible time-tracking timer. New timers can be started for any client/ or project or continue from a previous timer. After that, timers can be added for taking a break and resuming the timer later.

Cushion also added integration with Stripe, the popular payments service. According to Cushion, your account can be connected with just a few clicks for easy credit card payments. The company also says ACH integration will be added shortly.

One final feature was added: Invoice exporting. Users can instantly download a spreadsheet of your invoices for a specific date range.

Visit Cushion for a free 14-day trial.

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