Bonsai Time Tracker For Freelancers

Bonsai Time Tracker For Freelancers

This is cool: Bonsai has launched a Time Tracker For Freelancers that integrates with proposals, contracts, and invoices. Most importantly, it’s free to use.

In a post on Product Hunt, Bonsai co-founder Matt Brown said that “Bonsai time tracking is latest addition to our freelance product suite, entirely designed to simplify your work with clients, from proposals to payments.”

We’ve checked it out here at Almost Millions, and it’s pretty awesome.

Bonsai Time Tracker For Freelancers: What Is It?

Bonsai’s time tracker is a free product which is designed to keep track of time when freelancers are quickly switching between projects. The time tracker integrates with Bonsai’s existing products, which include freelancer management platforms for companies and invoicing software.

Bonsai Time Tracker For Freelancers: What Are The Features?

Most usefully, Bonsai’s time tracker automatically fills in time sheets and logs hours for freelancers based on the projects they were working on. In addition, it automates invoicing and integrates automatically with users freelance proposals and contracts.

Bonsai Time Tracker For Freelancers: Bonsai’s Other Products

Bonsai offers a suite of other freelancer-friendly products which are currently free. These include software which automatically generates contracts, invoice generation, payment tracking, and easy payment via credit card or bank transfer.