TGI Not Tax Day: Your Weekly Links, 4/19/17

Links Of The Week 1221

Each week, Almost Millions offers up the best links to make you awesome about being self-employed. Here are our latest articles, as well as some great stuff to buy:

  1. After taxes and expenses, most freelancers take home less money than they’d make at their day job. Here’s why these freelancers ditched higher pay to go solo. (Dan Schawbel, Fast Company)
  1. Speaking of freelancing, here’s a humorous dos and donts list for new freelancers. (Greg Mania, Out)
  1. How one software developer made thousands of dollars from his love of reading. (Vlad Wetzel, Freecodecamp/Medium)
  1. This ex-Google employee left the Googleplex to make a personal finance app for kids. (Adam Naor, Freecodecamp/Medium)
  1. Here are nine Facebook tips for small business owners. (Jane Haskins, Legalzoom)

Things To Buy

  1. The Acer Chromebook CB3 is a top-notch laptop you can buy for under $200.
  1. Face it: Your phone screen is filthy. Get some AmazonBasics Microfiber Cloths for Electronics to solve all your problems.

3. The MiniPresso GR is a beautiful handheld espresso maker, and something we wish we thought of.