Fiverr Algorithm Changes: What To Know

Fiverr Algorithm Changes

Fiverr, the popular freelance services marketplace, is changing its algorithm. The company is tweaking their search placement algorithm over the next few months–which means changes for Fiverr’s buyers and sellers.

Fiverr Algorithm Changes: What’s Happening

According to a Fiverr forum post, testing is taking place to maximize placement for different gigs on the service.

These tests, Fiverr says, are designed to show searchers the best gigs related to their search. Gigs that aren’t currently active and sellers who are on vacation, for instance, will be downplayed in search results.

According to Fiverr, “We’re weighing a multitude of factors for these tests and not one specific aspect of a Gig is the focus.”

Fiverr Algorithm Changes: What It Means

Fiverr’s algorithm changes are leading to some unexpected results when buyers and sellers run searchers on the site.

Users on Fiverr’s forum say they are seeing longstanding listings with lots of reviews shuffled in with new, unreviewed listings. They’re also seeing listings that were previously surfacing well in search suddenly being buried, and obscure listings being pushed to the top of search results.

These unexpected changes could mean sudden shifts to the income of freelancers selling services–some Fiverr freelancers could make more money from them, while others could see a drop in income.

Many Fiverr sellers who say they’re used to higher search placement say they have seen orders suddenly drop off in the past few weeks.

Fiverr Algorithm Changes: How Fiverr’s Algorithm Works

Like a lot of other marketplaces and ecommerce sites, Fiverr uses a proprietary algorithm to figure out what shows up where in search results.

Several threads on Fiverr’s forum have surfaced a lot of helpful info about Fiverr’s ranking algorithm, modifications to Fiverr’s search algorithm, and what outsiders can figure out about Fiverr’s algorithm.

Black Hat World also has a great thread on Fiverr’s search algorithm.

Fiverr Algorithm Changes: What’s Next

If you’re a Fiverr seller trying to figure out what’s happening, the easiest bet is to check out Fiverr’s forums–they’re full of posts by buyers, sellers, and company employees offering insight.

Fiverr says the algorithm tests will take place on an ongoing basis; they also say they’ll share guidelines or outcomes as soon as they can.

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