LinkedIn Terms Of Service Changing: Privacy Policy, Bots & Lynda

LinkedIn Terms Of Service Changing

LinkedIn, the popular social networking service, is changing their terms of service. Starting on June 7, 2017, the service’s privacy policy and user agreement are changing. They aren’t just small changes either; they’re things any LinkedIn user needs to know about.

LinkedIn Terms Of Service Changing: The Basics

In late 2016, Microsoft spent more than $26 billion to buy LinkedIn. Microsoft got more than an expensive new toy with the acquisition… it also purchased a widely used service that integrates with Microsoft’s own offerings very nicely.

This new terms of service change, which LinkedIn announced in late April 2017, is the first major revision since Microsoft’s acquisition. Here’s what to know.

LinkedIn Terms Of Service Changing: Updated Privacy Policy

The following changes are taking place to LinkedIn’s privacy policy:

Third-Party Apps Can Show Your LinkedIn Profile: Certain third-party services (LinkedIn doesn’t specify which ones) can show your profile to users. This can help find new opportunities and connect to more people. However, if you don’t want your profile to show up in these apps, you can choose to opt out of this feature.

LinkedIn Suggesting Sharing Accomplishments: LinkedIn will automatically look for and suggest posting awards, industry recognition, or other professional accomplishments to share with users’ networks. Users can opt out of this feature.

New Productivity Bots: Users can now opt-in to automated LinkedIn bots and services designed to make communication easier. These new LinkedIn bots automatically suggest responses to messages, assist in setting up meetings with connections, generate ice breakers for new contacts, and give insights that help users connect more easily.

Detect Nearby LinkedIn Members: This is interesting. Users can use a new LinkedIn feature which automatically notifies you if there are other nearby LinkedIn members at a conference, event or meeting you’re attending. In order for this feature to work, you need to opt in and other LinkedIn users around you need to opt in.

Learn On Although the LinkedIn-owned online learning service Lynda is being more closely integrated into LinkedIn, Lynda accounts will stay covered by’s separate privacy policy.

LinkedIn Terms Of Service Changing: Updated User Agreement

The following changes are taking place to LinkedIn’s user agreement:

Dos and Don’ts: LinkedIn is changing their user agreement to clarify what isn’t permitted on LinkedIn. As an example, they now clearly forbid data scraping others’ content from LinkedIn, and developing and supporting automated tools that scrape LinkedIn services.

Payment Terms: LinkedIn is clarifying some of the language around payment terms for their premium services.

International Law: Non-American LinkedIn members and site visitors will now be governed by Irish law, and can settle disputes in Irish courts, rather than being covered under California law.

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