Google Primer: Free Digital Marketing Lessons

Google Primer

Google (yes, that Google) has quietly put together one of the best small business resources out there… and it’s perfect for freelancers and the self-employed.

Google Primer is an Android and iOS app that offers up quick business and marketing lessons on your smartphone. The best part? Each lesson is designed to take up five minutes of your time… and they’re absolutely free.

Google Primer: Introduction

Google Primer is a smartphone app that offers “bite-size lessons to better your business.”

Lessons are designed by Google’s marketing team and cover topics like attracting customers via social media, finding your target audience, and the basics of user experience.

Google says that the lessons can be used by anyone from small business owners to job seekers to brand managers.

Google Primer: Lessons

The mini lessons on Google Primer are designed to help users learn about Google-centric subjects that include marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. It also dives deeply into other topics like designing sites for mobile users, buying programmatic advertising, and search result advertising.

Lessons are designed primarily for introductory and mid-level users. They’re designed for mobile use so you can check them out while commuting or waiting for meetings.

One of the best parts of Google Primer is that, compared to more immersive services like Coursera, Lynda or Skillshare, courses are designed to be quick and distracting: Instead of carving out a half hour or a half hour to learn new business skills (which you should be doing by the way!), it fits into the existing gaps in your schedule.

The app also serves as an easy way for new users to learn the basics of digital marketing and quickly learn skills which they can build on in the future.

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