Don't Buy Cheap Clothes

A word of advice: Even if you’re broke, don’t buy cheap clothes.

Buying cheap clothes might be cheaper in the short run, but it will cost you much more over the years. More expensive quality clothing–not just clothing that’s more expensive, but clothing that’s made from better materials and better-stitched–lasts longer, looks better, is more comfortable, and costs less money than their cheaper counterparts.

When you buy clothes, skip the cheap and mediocre in favor of well-made clothes that last years.

The Comfort Principle & Cheap Clothes

According to Lifehacker’s Jason Chen, the “Comfort Principle” is simple: Rather than saving every penny you earn, you should maximize the usefulness of your money. Because clothes are a necessity for everyday life, it makes sense to buy comfortable, long-lasting clothes that offer the best possible return on investment.

This means skipping clothes in favor of shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes, and undergarments that last for years rather than months.

Clothing, in most cases, isn’t an investment. You’re not buying clothes that will turn into expensive vintage gear twenty years form now (But if that happens, that’s awesome). Rather, you’re buying clothes that will feel comfortable, look good, and not fall apart into shreds the minute you put them in a washing machine.

Why Quality Clothing Is Important

Most “fast fashion” and clothes for purchase in big box department stores are intentionally made to fit the widest range of body types possible at the cheapest possible price. This means two things:

  • They won’t necessarily look good on you
  • These clothes are designed to be cheaply purchased rather than long-lasting

Quality outfits last longer, and also signal to others that you care about your appearance and presentation… and are willing to make an effort to show it.

And did we mention they save you money in the long run?

Consider The Cost Per Wear

When buying clothes, one important thing to consider is the cost per wear. Are you buying an outfit you will only buy once? Or are you buying sets of clothes you will wear over and over again, week after week?

Do the mental math: You want clothes that will last for the long run, and that you will wear over and over again.