Tipping in Uber

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After years of requests from drivers and riders, Uber is finally adding in-app tipping for rides in the United States in Canada. Although passengers in Lyft could tip their drivers through their app for years, UberX passengers had to give their drivers tips in cash if they wanted to show their appreciation (or supplement the often-barebones salary of Uber drivers).

Not anymore.

Tipping In Uber: How It Works

Before leaving a tip for their Uber drivers, passengers first have to rate their driver.

After rating their drivers, passengers can either choose from a preset tipping amount or enter a custom amount. Even if passengers don’t leave a tip right away, they have up to 30 days to leave a tip from within the app.

Users can also leave tips for UberEats delivery drivers. According to Uber, 100% of the tips go to drivers and the company does not take a cut.

Tipping In Uber: How It Works For Drivers

For drivers, there’s no difference in withdrawing tip income versus regular ride income. Tip income counts as part of Instant Pay, and can instantly be withdrawn via bank account or debit card.

Drivers can still accept cash tips from passengers, but tips made through the app are treated simply as regular Uber income, except Uber does not take any commission on the transaction.

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