Hub By Amazon: What To Know

Hub By Amazon

Some big news for the growing community of Amazon sellers and dropshippers–Amazon is creating their own secure package pickup points for apartment buildings, college dormitories and subdivisions.

Amazon Hub is a secure parcel box system that looks similar to a rack of storage lockers. According to Amazon’s promotional materials, both indoor and outdoor Hubs are available. The smallest locker racks are 6′ wide, and three different color schemes are available. They also include a touchscreen user interface on the front.

Deliverypeople from UPS, the Postal Service, FedEx, and other companies will have access to the lockers.

Hub By Amazon: What Is It?

The lockers are, most importantly, a way for Amazon to get customers in apartment buildings and subdivisions to order more from Amazon.

Amazon Hub offers two major advantages for Amazon. First off, it allows customers who are away during the day or have neighbors that might steal their packages to order more from Amazon. Secondly, Amazon is offering them for use by all deliveries–and not deliveries from Amazon. This helps Amazon insert themselves into the ecosystems of competitors like Walmart and Target.

Hub By Amazon: What To Know

Amazon’s Hub seems to be an upgrade to Amazon’s existing Amazon Lockers, which are delivery boxes mainly placed in convenience stores like 7-11 and in shopping malls.

Both the Lockers and Hubs help make integrate Amazon into the delivery supply chain even more deeply–something the vertical integration-loving corporation emphasizes.

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