Shopify Card Reader & POS Hardware 101

Shopify Card Reader

Shopify is one of the most popular payment processors around. The company, whose software fuels hundreds of thousands of online stores, has something new: A credit card reader for in-person transactions.

The new Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader is US$29, seamlessly integrates with Shopify POS, and lets merchants process in-person credit card and debit card payments. If your online store, food truck, freelance business, or small business uses Shopify, it’s an easy way to handle credit card payments.

Shopify Card Reader & POS Hardware: The Basics

Shopify’s card reader comes with a base, USB cable, and travel case. The card reader has a chip card slot and a magnetic strip swiper for processing credit cards, and an on/off switch.

Importantly (and unlike some competitors), the Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader doesn’t have to be physically attached to a smartphone. Instead, you set it on a table or a customer takes the reader into their hands to swipe. The reader than automatically syncs via Bluetooth with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

The phone then syncs transaction info with your Shopify POS app. Users have to download the Shopify POS app in order for the Shopify card reader to work. Although the app syncs via Bluetooth, you need to set it up through the Shopify POS app first.

Shopify Card Reader & POS Hardware: Using The Reader

Customers pay by swiping their card or inserting their card into the reader. Transactions must be in US dollars. Customers have to leave their chip card in the reader until the reader processes the transaction.

However, you need to have your phone nearby when conducting transactions: Customers have to enter their signature directly into your phone or tablet, which is not attached to the reader.

Shopify’s app is Visa Ready compliant for secure payment acceptance, and protects customers card data via PCI DSS requirements.

Shopify Card Reader & POS Hardware: Competitors

The Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader is an easy way to accept mobile payments, and integrates with a widely used software platform.

However, it’s not the only way to accept credit card payments in person for your small business.

The Square Credit Card Reader is a very popular choice, which costs less than US$7.99.

Other popular options include the Paypal Mobile Credit Card Reader/Swiper for iPhone and Android Devices (which integrates directly into PayPal), and the Deftun Bluetooth MSR-X6(BT) MSRX6BT Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer Encoder Mini Portable.

Shopify Card Reader & POS Hardware: Other Things To Know

At the moment, Shopify’s Card Reader is only available to merchants in the United States. International users will have to wait a bit longer as of press time to obtain the Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader.

Although it isn’t the only mobile credit card reader out there, Shopify’s card reader integrates seamlessly with Shopify storefronts. For small businesses and online businesses that use Shopify to handle the backend, this makes things much easier for work and payments.

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