Instagram Branded Content Tagging 101

Instagram Branded Content

Millions of businesses use Instagram. The advertisements, sponsored posts, and influencer-compensated posts they make–which we’ll just call Instagram branded content–make up a significant portion of the content on the massively popular social media service.

Instagram just rolled out some new rules and tools for tagging branded stories and posts this August… and they’re something you need to know about if your organization has advertising, dark posts, or branded posts on the popular social media service.

These tools are designed to help Instagram users understand which posts and stories are partnerships between business and creators. In other words, they’re designed to clearly let users know when a post is a sponsored or paid post.

Instagram Branded Content Tagging: Tags On Posts & Stories

Instagram now offers a new type of tag for both posts and stories that makes it clear when businesses and creators have a paid partnership.

There are two ways to add the new branded content tag to posts and stories.

Creators need to tap Advanced Settings when creating a post, or use the options icon when creating a photo or video for an Instagram story.

Businesses can use Advanced Settings, or go to Business Settings: Branded Content.

Instagram Branded Content Tagging: Partner Approvals

Businesses can now make a list of which creators are allowed to tag their business profile in posts. In order to make that list, go to Business Settings: Branded Content.

Instagram Branded Content Tagging: Analytics

Both creators and businesses now have access to analytics from branded content on Instagram. If a creator tags a business, both the creator and the business can view metrics from the particular post or story involved.

A new tag shown to users says “Paid partnership with…,” and many creators still use the popular #ad or #sponsoredcontent hashtags — better to be safe than sorry, after all.

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