How To Opt Out Of Google Adwords Arbitration

Google AdWords recently changed their terms of service to request that, if the worst happens, users can’t sue Google if something goes wrong. Instead, AdWords customers have to go through private arbitration. Arbitration not only gives up your constitutional right in America to go to court, but it also limits the damages you can receive and, importantly, can’t participate in class action lawsuits.

Luckily, Google AdWords offers an exemption process to let users opt out of arbitration.

How To Opt Out From Google AdWords Arbitration: What’s Going On?

Every so often, tech companies and services update their terms of service.

These terms of service changes can be made for multiple reasons. Sometimes they clarify the law around new products. Other times they make it easier for companies to sell user data or change users’ access to services.

In Google AdWords’ case, Google recently changed their terms and conditions to steer users towards arbitration and away from suing Google if something goes wrong.

Many tech companies like Uber, Spotify, and Snapchat all include arbitration in their terms of service. This is a controversial policy, but Google and parent company Alphabet–to their credit–let users opt-out from arbitration… if they fill out a web page within a month of them agreeing to the new terms of service.

Here’s how to do it.

How To Opt Out From Google Adwords Arbitration: How To Do It

Google AdWords Arbitration

  1. Log onto to Google AdWords

  2. Accept the updated user terms of service.

  3. Take a note of your customer ID (which can be viewed in the upper right-hand screen corner).

  4. Visit

  5. Select “Opt out of arbitration.”

  6. Enter your information into the screen, including your customer ID.

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