Amazon Native Shopping Ads Now Have Cards

Amazon Associates Card Ads

Websites with Amazon affiliate advertising now have a new–and quite nice looking–option for ads on their pages.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads in card format are now available through Sitestripe. Users can quickly generate code for visual ads for single products that are responsive and mobile-optimized. Most importantly, the ad cards display the prices of individual items… something that Amazon affiliate advertisements haven’t always had in the past.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads Now Have Cards: What It Is

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are available to all members of the Amazon Associates affiliate program by using SiteStripe. SiteStripe is a feature that creates item-for-sale links directly through with having to visit Amazon Associates Central. By using SiteStripe, users can link to any Amazon page and also share those links via Facebook or Twitter.


The idea behind cards are to create visually pleasing and mobile-friendly ads that are easy to add to websites, and which users will click on. Ads can be placed either at the end of articles or within in an article, depending on the editor’s choice. As with all Amazon affiliate ads, websites receive a percentage of each sale made by Amazon via an Amazon Native Shopping Ad Card.


Amazon Native Shopping Ads Now Have Cards: How It Works


The first step in creative Amazon cards is to log into Amazon using your Associate Central email address and password. Once you’ve logged into Amazon, a SiteStripe toolbar will appear on top of the page.


After that, type in the product name you’e creating an ad for in the search box, and then select the product detail page.


Once you are on the detail page, you’ll see an option for making a Custom (Card) format.


Select “Custom” and copy the generated HTML and insert it into your page.


Presto! You now have Amazon Native Shopping Ad cards on your site.

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