The Uber Game: Can You Cut It As An Uber Driver?

The Uber Game

Could you hack it as an Uber driver? Find out through this new online game, the Uber Game.

The Uber Game is a free web game from the Financial Times, a newspaper. In the game, players live a week in the life of an Uber driver in either San Francisco or Sacramento.

The goal? Make enough in a week to pay a $1000 mortgage payment and support your two kids. It’s harder than it sounds.

The Uber Game: How It Works

Players can choose to drive their Uber for a week in either Sacramento (where fares are lower, which means drivers earn less money) or San Francisco (where fares are higher). They can choose to drive either a small hybrid like a Toyota Prius or a larger minivan.

Every choice you make impacts how much money you take home. Driving in San Francisco, where fares are higher, sounds like the easy choice. However, the two hours you spend commuting to San Francisco each day and the extra money you spend on gas getting there really eat into your profits.

And it sounds easy picking up money by driving people from Point A to Point B. But you didn’t account for paying for an unlimited data plan (need to use that GPS!) and a business license (because you can’t afford big fines!). There are also expenses you didn’t expect – like an unlimited gym membership so you can take a shower when you’re working twelve hour shifts.

Then your passenger insists on eating a cheeseburger in the car, and spills mustard on the seat… and suddenly things get more expensive.


The Uber Game: What It Is

The Financial Times created the Uber Game so non-Uber drivers could experience some of the money and work issues Uber drivers have.

Uber drivers in the United States are independent contractors, which means they are technically self-employed and don’t receive benefits like a minimum wage or health insurance. Independent contractors also have to pay their own expenses and keep track of their own paperwork for taxes.

The Uber Game is heavily based on coverage by the Financial Times, and especially on a deep dive by reporter Leslie Cook into the secret lives of San Francisco Uber drivers.

Can you cut it as an Uber driver, pay your $1000 mortgage and support your kids? Find out in the game.

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