Trello Desktop For Windows And Mac: The Best Tips

Trello Desktop

Trello is one of the most popular project management tools around. The project management tool has a ton of mobile apps… and, now, it comes in desktop for Windows and Mac.

If you’re self-employed, a freelancer, or work in a small business, Trello is easy and amazing to use.

And now, with their new desktop apps, Trello has some new tricks up their sleeve. The new Trello Desktop app also takes care of one major issue: Users losing Trello in a sea of open browser tabs. Having a separate app for your project workflow makes things much easier.

Trello Desktop For Windows And Mac: Priority Boards

When working on multiple projects or managing large numbers of Trello boards, there are usually two issues that come up:

  1. Many Trello boards lay idle for long periods of time and end up being “orphaned” for days or weeks.
  2. Some Trello boards are used constantly.

Trello’s priority boards issue helps keep important boards at the center of projects. When using a board inside the Trello desktop app, a board can be set to automatically load on startup by pressing Shift-CMND-D. Once it’s successful, Trello will create a desktop notification.

Trello Desktop For Windows And Mac: Keyboard Shortcuts

The desktop Trello app has more sophisticated keyboard shortcuts than the web version of Trello; unlike the web version, it also lets users set custom keyboard shortcuts. Just select the gear icon in the top right corner of Trello Desktop to make custom shortcuts.

Users can also create cards and designate boards by using keyboard shortcuts.

There are other shortcuts, too. To launch Trello on a Mac, hit Cmd-Opt-T; on a Windows computer, use Ctrl-Alt-T.

A full list of shortcuts is below:

Trello Desktop Shortcuts

Trello Desktop For Windows And Mac: Apple Touch Bar

Trello Desktop also offers native notifications that quickly load up for users.

There are additional features designed just for users of Apple devices with Touch Bar. Using Touch Bar, Trello Desktop can quickly cue up starred boards, create new cards, and open boards in new windows.

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