Product Hunt Ship: Startup Launch Tools

Product Hunt Ship

Product Hunt, the popular tech community site, has a new feature. Startup companies can now use a free suite of tools called Ship that helps build landing pages, contact subscribers, notify your audience about product launches, and acquire potential customer’s mailing addresses.

Ship is currently free, but Product Hunt offers subscribers additional features on their paid Pro tier as well.

Product Hunt Ship: What Does The Free Version Include?

Product Hunt Ship is designed for two things: Getting the word out about your new product, and building a list of potential customers who are interested.

Users of Ship’s free tier get a browser-based tool that creates a simple landing page that’s accompanied by a form that collects email addresses of interested visitors. You can customize your landing page with your own messages, branding, and background images.

Ship also builds a widget with similar capabilities that you can embed onto your website. The widget is designed to encourage site visitors to leave their email addresses with your company.

Inside Product Hunt, a simple dashboard lets you contact your subscribers to ask for feedback, announce new features and launch special promotions.

The free tier of Ship includes one landing page, one email message per week, and the embedded widget for your website.

Product Hunt Ship: What Does The Paid Version Include?

Product Hunt Ship’s paid tier, according to The Next Web, costs either $59 or $199 monthly depending on the plan users choose.

In exchange for paying for the upgraded services, users get extra features such as surveys and polls, sending targeted email messages to segments of your customer base, scheduled product launches, A/B testing, reports and analytics, the ability to host your landing page on your own domain, product promotion features, and setup notifications and triggers when people subscribe or unsubscribe from your landing page.

Product Hunt Ship: How It Helps New Businesses

Ship ties into a central part of the Product Hunt philosophy: Companies need to get the word out about their new products, and that cool new products deserve promotion and traction.

Helpfully, Product Hunt Ship seems designed for beginners. The feature set is designed to help you create your landing page and widgets as quickly as possible–it’s perfect for entrepreneurs who are working on their own or don’t have large teams.

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