Xero: Accounting Software For The Self-Employed

Xero: Accounting Software For The Self-Employed

One of the toughest parts of self-employment is keeping track of bills, payments, invoicing and expenses.

That’s why we’re so happy Xero exists. Xero is, by our estimation, an amazing way to handle accounting and bookkeeping for your self-employed business.

Almost Millions suggests that you work with an accountant or bookkeeper because it’ll make your freelance or self-employed life much easier… but Xero is the software you use day to day to manage the money side of your business.

Here’s the scoop:

Xero: Accounting Software For The Self-Employed Advantages

Xero is cloud accounting software which lets users spend less time balancing their books and more time working on their passion.

Because accounting and all that boring stuff like invoicing, cash flow and expenses matter, Xero simplifies the business and administrative parts of your business so you can spend more time creating, selling, and connecting.

Best of all, Xero’s on the cloud and has a great mobile app so users can connect anywhere, no matter where they are.

Xero: Accounting Software For The Self-Employed Feature Set

Xero offers users a powerful and well-designed online accounting solution that works just as well whether you have a single-employee corporation or LLC, a small business with a handful of employees, or a larger business.  

With Xero, you can send clients electronic invoices which they can pay immediately via PayPal or credit card. Xero lets you easily record expenses and see what your cash flow is like, even when you’re on your phone.

Xero also includes features users expect like automated bank feeds, automatic credit card integration, invoice reminders, tax payment reminders, and recurring invoices for clients. It’s all designed so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time kicking work butt.

Xero: Accounting Software For The Self-Employed Other Things To Know

Xero offers users two different products depending on how their business is set up.

Xero TaxTouch is designed especially for freelancers who work as independent contractors.

Xero, meanwhile, is full-featured software designed for S-Corporations, LLCs, and others with one or more employees.

Xero: Accounting Software For The Self-Employed Other Resources

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Disclosure: Almost Millions is a Xero affiliate.

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