Google Calendar New Features: What To Know

Google Calendar New Features

Google Calendar on the web is getting a makeover with some new features that will make work much easier.

The new website for Google Calendar features a material design interface that takes a lot of cues from the Google Calendar mobile app, and adds some extra tricks designed to improve productivity and play.

To switch to the new Google Calendar, click on the “Use New Calendar” button in the upper right hand section of the Google Calendar site.

Here’s what to expect:

Google Calendar New Features: Responsive Design & Rich Formatting

According to Lars Kruger, Google Calendar project manager at Google, the new Google Calendar website has a responsive layout that auto-adjusts to screen size.

In addition, Google Calendar appointments can now link to documents, presentations or spreadsheets that show up in the invite and in Google Calendar through a new “Event Detail” view.

This new feature helps with meeting with clients, business partners, coworkers, and other stakeholders: If you’re meeting to discuss a project or a particular topic, all you have to do is include relevant documents in your invite and all attendees can access them without pesky searching through inboxes or cloud drives.

Google Calendar New Features: Easier Appointments

Users of G Suite, Google’s productivity solution for organizations, can easily enter conference room details when booking a room in Google Calendar. This makes it much easier to set up meetings with clients; Google Calendar also quickly lets users enter whether a room has audio/video equipment or is wheelchair accessible. All a user needs to do is hover their cursor over the room name in Google Calendar they want to book, and a pop-up gives information about conference location and resources.

Google Calendar New Features: Manage Multiple Calendars

A new feature inside Google Calendar makes it easier to manage multiple calendars inside the “Day” view. Users can view and manage different calendars in separate columns, which is great for keeping track of personal and work calendars. In addition, it also makes work much easier if you are managing the Google Calendars of multiple employees.

Google Calendar New Features: Making Usage Easier

Several other changes in Google Calendar are making the user experience much easier. With the switchover, contact information of meeting participants is automatically displayed when users hover over their names.

Another change also makes it much easier to recover if users accidentally delete meetings–instead of deleting them forever, you can now quickly view and restore deleted items.

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