Pronoun, Macmillian’s Self-Publishing Platform, Shutting Down

Pronoun Shutting Down

RIP, Pronoun. The popular self-publishing platform and book analytics site is shutting down. Although Pronoun will remain in operation for the time being, authors can no longer publish new books on the platform and authors are also encouraged to download their content for distribution elsewhere.

In an email to authors, Pronoun owner Macmillan said they are “unable to continue Pronoun’s operation in its current form. Every option was considered before making the very difficult decision to end the business.”

Pronoun Shutting Down: The Basics

According to Pronoun, the site is no longer letting new users sign up.

While already-registered users can access Pronoun, new books can’t be published. Pronoun is also winding down distribution operations for authors; the scheduled end date is January 2018.

Self-publishing authors can keep distributing their books via Pronoun through the holiday season, and then export their books to other services for 2018.

Pronoun Shutting Down: What To Do

Users can remove their books from sale on Pronoun anytime. If they are not removed, Pronoun plans to take all books off distribution on January 15, 2018. Users can make changes to their books until then.

Pronoun plans to continue to pay earnings on their normal schedule, with January 2018 payments arriving in April 2018.

However, there are a few big headaches for authors and indie publishers. With Pronoun closing, authors will lose their Amazon ranks for all books published through Pronoun, and both reviews and access URLs will change for Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and other platforms.

Authors will need to get a new ISBN number for all their Pronoun-published books to republish as well.

Pronoun Shutting Down: Alternatives

There are several options for authors who self-publish through Pronoun or independent publishers who use the site for analytics.

The most popular alternative is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (disclosure: Almost Millions is an Amazon affiliate site), but there are other services authors can use which offer more channels for sale and more in-depth analytics.

  • Draft2Digital: Draft2Digital is a popular self-publishing platform designed to make attractive ebooks.
  • Smashwords: Smashbooks is an easy to use book distribution platform for independent authors and distributors.
  • Reedsy: Reedsy is a marketplace for independent authors and self-publishers that makes it easy to locate developmental editors, copyeditors, book cover designers, and other experts.

Have more alternative services for Pronoun? Let us know by emailing Almost Millions.

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