Lead Generation With LinkedIn: Attract New Clients & Customers

Lead Generation With LinkedIn

Lead generation with LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to attract new customers and clients. Businesses that have LinkedIn pages can easily add lead generation–that is, forms which obtain email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information–to content on the social network site.

Lead Generation With LinkedIn: How It Works

LinkedIn offers a number of Lead Gen Forms which can be added to either LinkedIn advertisements or Sponsored InMail.

The Lead Gen Forms are prefilled with data from LinkedIn profiles, which means it’s easy to obtain email addresses and demographic info for users.

In addition, metrics offer information on cost per lead, lead form fill rates, and the numbers of leads your company is getting from different demographics. Data can easily be exported to different marketing automation and CRM tools.

Lead Generation With LinkedIn: How It Works

One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is that they’re pre-populated with info which makes it more likely potential customers will submit them.

In addition, filling out Lead Gen Forms attached to Sponsored InMail lets users collect information including potential customers’ names, emails, job titles, company names and more.

This is helpful because it offers an easy way for your business or service to establish connections with potential paying customers over LinkedIn.

Lead Gen Forms can also be attached to display ads users purchase on the social network, and to downloadable content like ebooks and whitepapers.

This means you can distribute ebooks or whitepapers on LinkedIn to paying customers, which is a great help for a lot of independent businesses.

In addition, LinkedIn Lead Generation helps steer users to your website from LinkedIn. After a form is filled out, you can set up an in-LinkedIn after-page that connects users either to your LinkedIn content or website.

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