Improve Your Business Skills With O’Reilly Media

Improve Your Business Skills With O'Reilly Media

Self-employed? Work in tech? O’Reilly Media has some great resources for improving your business skills.

O’Reilly Media is a well-known tech book publisher, online learning service, and conference organizer that’s helpful for everything from learning new programming languages to scaling engineering businesses.

Here are a few of O’Reilly’s most helpful products:

Improve Your Business Skills With O’Reilly Media – Videos & Books On Safari

Safari is O’Reilly’s extensive online video, book and learning platform, with a variety of pricing plans for solo workers and large enterprises alike.

Articulating Design Decisions by Tom Greever helps designers (and non-designers) tackle a crucial task: Communicating their vision to others. The book is designed as a guide to topics like presenting your design, practicing listening skills, following through on your ideas, and selling your personal vision.

Git Fundamentals For Web Developers is a video course by Lorna Mitchell which covers project creation, collaboration, and integration with CI and deployment tools. No Git experience is required.

Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook by Dan Shapiro is a guide to everything a newly minted CEO needs for their early stage startup. Readers learn everything from building a product to allocating equity to creating a strategy for those critical early months.

Improve Your Business Skills With O’Reilly Media – Free Ebooks

Machine Learning For Designers by Patrick Hebron is an easy way for UI and UX designers to understand how machine learning can be used for better user experiences.

This free ebook discusses ways machine learning tools can be integrated into website and mobile app design. Readers learn how machine learning improves software and products through natural language processing, image recognition, content personalization, behavior prediction, and more.

3D Printing Primer is a great introduction to how 3D printing can benefit small business and creatives everywhere. The ebook demystifies how 3D printing works, and outlines both the strengths and liabilities of different printing processes.

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