Amazon Prime Samples: Free Stuff With Amazon

Amazon Prime Samples

One of our favorite Amazon Prime benefits is their Amazon Prime Samples program. This little-known program offers free samples of health products, beauty products, snacks and more for Prime members.

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Amazon Prime Samples: How It Works

Amazon Prime members can purchase single-use samples at this page.

The best part? Every time you buy samples, you get funds credited to your Amazon account. It’s basically free samples via Amazon Prime.

Most items range between $2-$4 apiece, and include everything from fancy coffees to beauty treatments and beyond.

Amazon Prime Samples: Account Credits

Every time you purchase a sample through Amazon Prime Samples, you receive a credit for the amount you paid. These credits are good towards purchasing full-size products from the same product category (Household, beauty, food and drink, etc…) that Amazon offers.

So if you purchase a $2 toothpaste sample for travel from Amazon Prime Samples, you receive a $2 credit that can be applied to a full-size toothpaste container–and it can be for a competitor’s product, too!

Amazon Prime Samples: Shipping & Other Restrictions

Amazon Prime members don’t pay for shipping on Prime Samples. Delivery is a bit longer than normal Prime purchases–they arrive 3-5 business days after orders are placed.

There’s a catch, however: You can only order a sample once. You can’t buy the sample samples twice, but you can buy as many other samples as many times as you want.

Credits are placed in your account upon purchase, and expire in 180 days.

For Amazon Prime members, it’s a great deal: Spend $10 trying out some new beverages or new beauty treatments and get $10 to spend on Amazon products. Brands win because customers get to try out a new product cheap, and customers get to essentially make their money back.

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