SimplyInsured: Health Insurance Guide For Small Businesses

Simplyinsured Health Insurance Guide

Finding the best health insurance for employees at your small business isn’t easy. A competitive marketplace, confusing changes to the Affordable Care Act, and rising costs make things difficult for independent entrepreneurs. That’s why we’re such big fans of SimplyInsured, a health insurance guide for small businesses.

SimplyInsured offers quick, free quotes on health insurance for small businesses and explains exactly what hidden costs and savings exist in different platforms.

The service processes thousands of different insurance policies to find the best possible coverage, plans and prices for small business owners. In addition, SimplyInsured takes care of forms and paperwork for small business owners–who already have enough on their plates.

One of the best parts of SimplyInsured is that the service helps small business owners and their employees quickly figure out estimated cost under different insurance plans for everything from childbirth to emergency room visits.

The idea is to make things easier for small businesses and to minimize the hassle of health insurance as much as possible.

Instead of shopping between different insurance brokers in-person or over the phone, SimplyInsured streamlines the process by creating a single portal to evaluate different insurance plans for small businesses.

Then, once small business operators have decided on an insurance plan, SimplyInsured lets users apply for insurance policies and fill out paperwork. It also offers easy price information and gives a better thumbnail idea of what costs would be.

SimplyInsured is designed primarily for use by small businesses with at least two employees, one of whom is a W-2 employee. However, single-employee small business operators in several states can use SimplyInsured to purchase health insurance for themselves and their spouses.

(Disclosure: Almost Millions is a SimplyInsured affiliate)