Patreon Plugins For WordPress & Mailchimp: The Complete Guide

Patreon Plugins

Patreon is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms around. The easy-to-set up service helps content creators (writers, artists, musicians, comedians, academics… anyone!) receive monthly donations from fans and followers. Creators earn money via Patreon, and subscribers receive exclusive content from creators. Everyone wins.

The service has also added a powerful tool: Integrations with WordPress, Mailchimp & Google Sheets. By using these Patreon plugins, users can keep in touch with their fans and make communication–and, of course, earning money from doing what they love–easier.

Patreon Plugins For WordPress, Mailchimp & Google Sheets: How It Works

Check out the Patreon App Directory for a full list of integrations. Here are a few of the highlights:

At press time, Patreon also offers integrations for Zapier, Sonix, Crowdcast, Discourse,, Bonjoro, Patron Plugin Pro, Patronizer, Steamlabs & MCLink.

These plugins install differently depending on what platform your service is using. For instance, Zapier’s installs directly through the main Zapier site while the Patreon WordPress Integration requires installing a plugin directly on your copy of WordPress.

However, what all the Patreon plugins have in common is how quick and easy they are to install. Nearly all can be installed on your service within 15 minutes, and offer a variety of options for customization.

Patreon Plugins For WordPress, Mailchimp & Google Sheets: The Advantages

These Patreon plugins are designed to help content creators make more money from Patreon and better connect with their financial supporters.

While Patreon offers robust tools to reach out to your audience, these integrations make coordinating Patreon projects with third-party software much easier.

In a blog post, Patreon’s Tal Raviv writes that it “Makes it easy for creators to connect tools that help them grow their membership businesses, and energize patrons.”

The company has also created a Developer Portal for third party developers to integrate their apps, web services, and products with Patreon.

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