Protect Your Videos With Facebook Rights Manager

Facebook Rights Manager

One of the biggest problems with making videos and putting articles online is that people, well, sometimes steal your content without permission. Protecting copyright–and making sure you’re paid for people reusing your work and that you know how your work is used–is one of the most important things for any self-employed person working online.

Facebook recently made some enhancements to their Facebook Rights Manager, a copyright protection tool that works on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Registering takes a little bit of time, but it may be worth it if you make videos, take photographs, or write things that you put online.

Facebook Rights Manager… So What Is It Good For?

The best part of Facebook Rights Manager is that it protects any video content you post on Instagram or Facebook. Essentially, it’s a great tool for preventing piracy on Instagram

According to a blog post by Facebook’s head of product, rights & music, Fred Beteille, the service was expanded in early 2018 to cover Instagram video as well.

Facebook Rights Manager lets users upload a library of video to Facebook, which they then use  to keep track of piracy and potential copyright infringement. It also covers live video streams.

You can specify permitted uses for each video you upload, identify new matches against content you’ve uploaded to Facebook, whitelist Facebook Pages and users who have a right to use your content, and you have access to an API as well.

How Facebook Rights Manager Can Help You

Facebook Rights Manager isn’t a one-stop shop. For instance, it won’t protect your copyrighted content on YouTube. It also can’t help with people stealing your Instagram photos.

However, it’s a great (and easy to use) tool to protect your video across Facebook and Instagram. By using it with other copyright protection tools, you can protect your videos… and your income.

How To Apply

Sign up here.

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