PayPal Marketing Solutions: Easy Tools For Small Business

PayPal Marketing Solutions

If you run a small business, you know how hard it is to learn more about your customers and understand who’s buying your products or services.

That’s why PayPal Marketing Solutions is so awesome: If your company uses PayPal to process payments, you can learn a whole lot about your customers… and use that to make more money.

PayPal Marketing Solutions: Overview

PayPal Marketing Solutions is a complete suite of marketing analytics tools that leverage PayPal’s stores of data for your own business.

According to PayPal’s Harshal Deo, the service “Is designed to help businesses increase sales through greater visibility into their prospects and customers across a variety of platforms, devices, & operating systems. The Shopper Insights feature includes aggregated and anonymous information about the behaviors and preferences of PayPal shoppers on a merchant’s site.”

Basically, PayPal Marketing Solutions is an easy-to-set-up service which lets you quickly understand who your customers are, and how you can reach out to them.

PayPal Marketing Solutions: What It Offers

Here are a few of the service’s features:

  • Info on how many PayPal customers made purchases from your site, and when.
  • The average order size of customers on your site.
  • Whether customers are making orders through their desktop computer, phone, or tablet.
  • How many customers chose to use special promotions.
  • Custom promotions and sales designed to attract new customers to your company.
  • Integration with WordPress, Big Commerce, and more.

PayPal Marketing Solutions: How To Implement

The best part of all is that it’s easy to add PayPal Marketing Solutions to your ecommerce site and to set it up for your customers.

First, set up a PayPal business account (if you have not already), and register your site. PayPal then offers up a snippet of code to add to your site. Once the code is added to your site, log onto PayPal and activate PayPal Marketing Solutions for your business.

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