50% Off Spotify Subscription? Discount Spotify With Capital One

Here's one easy way to get 50% off your Spotify Premium bill: Pay with a Capital One credit card. Thanks to a new promotion, Capital One Quicksilver and QuicksilverOne credit card holders can get a 50% discount on their Spotify bill. You are automatically refunded...

LinkedIn Terms Of Service Changing: Privacy Policy, Bots & Lynda

LinkedIn, the popular social networking service, is changing their terms of service. Starting on June 7, 2017, the service’s privacy policy and user agreement are changing. They aren’t just small changes either; they’re things any LinkedIn user needs to know about. LinkedIn Terms Of Service...

Productivity Faceoff: Todoist Vs. Microsoft To-Do

Todoist Vs. Microsoft To-Do
It’s official: Wunderlist is shutting down. A lot of users who depend on Wunderlist for productivity and to-do lists are looking for new apps. Todoist is Wunderlist’s best known competitor, and has plenty of users. But there’s a bit of good news for Wunderlist...

Wunderlist Shutting Down: Microsoft “Retiring” Productivity App

Wunderlist Shutting Down
Wunderlist, the popular productivity app, is sailing into the sunset. In late April, Microsoft (who acquired Wunderlist in 2015), announced that they are shutting down Wunderist and launching a new to-do app called Microsoft To-Do. The new app, Microsoft says, will eventually “Bring more...

Bonsai Time Tracker For Freelancers

Bonsai Time Tracker For Freelancers
This is cool: Bonsai has launched a Time Tracker For Freelancers that integrates with proposals, contracts, and invoices. Most importantly, it’s free to use. In a post on Product Hunt, Bonsai co-founder Matt Brown said that “Bonsai time tracking is latest addition to our freelance...

Cushion App For Freelancers Adds New Features

Cushion App For Freelancers
Cushion, a popular freelancer productivity app, is adding some new functionality. Users can now track their time (in beta), see breakdowns of their work day-by-day, export invoices, and integrate Stripe payments. Cushion App: Designed For Freelancer Forecasting Cushion is a low-cost ($5-$10/month) service designed to help...