The Best Alexa Flash Briefings

Alexa Productivity Apps & Skills
If you want to keep track of the news and what’s happening in the world, Amazon Alexa is amazing. The “Flash Briefing” feature on Amazon Echo and other devices will change the way you listen to the news! With Flash Briefings, Alexa offers pre-recorded...

Alexa Productivity Apps & Skills: A Complete Guide

Alexa Productivity Apps & Skills
Alexa productivity apps are a good thing. But first things first: Amazon Echo and other Alexa products like the Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap are pretty dang cool. Amazon’s smart assistant is easy to use and, before you know it, becomes a regular...

17hats For Freelancers: An All-In-One Software Hub

17hats For Freelancers
One of the hardest things for freelancers and the self-employed is finding apps to manage their day to day work. So far we’ve talked about some great services like Trello and Nusii; I’d like to throw 17hats into the mix as well. 17hats is a...

Venmo For Couples: Handling Expenses With Your Partner

Venmo for couples
Venmo is a popular mobile app that allows you to quickly send and request money from friends. It doesn’t matter what bank they use or what credit cards they have; Venmo makes things fast (with an added dash of social networking fun). Unsurprisingly, Venmo...

Budgeting Lessons From Civilization V

Civilization V Budgeting
Sid Meier’s Civilization is one of the most addictive video games ever. It also saved one couple’s finances. When Alex Recker and his wife Marissa had problems taming their freelance budget, they tried out a few approaches but were getting nowhere. Then Alex was playing...

Proposify: Project Proposal Software For Agencies

Proposify for freelancers
There’s a bit of an arms race when it comes to project proposal generators. Lately, I’ve been increasingly interested in Proposify, a full-featured proposal building system similar to Nusii, Bidsketch, and other tools. Although designed for agency work, Proposify seems rather useful for independent...