Personal Budget Plans For 1099ers & Freelancers

Personal Budget Plans For Freelancers And 1099ers
Self-employed folks, freelancers, moonlighters: Making a budget is one of the most important things you can do to become amazing at your job. But there’s just one thing that makes it a bit more difficult…. If you’re working for yourself, you need to create...

Why Graphic Designers (And Everyone Else) Should Talk About Money

Why Graphic Designers (And Everyone Else) Should Talk About Money
Graphic designers take on projects that define their clients’ public image and persona. But many times, they aren’t paid fairly for that work. Fast Company’s Co.Design site recently ran a great piece on why graphic designers should talk more openly about money and how...

How To Save Money At Brunch

How To Save Money At Brunch
If you live or work in a city and belong to a certain class, brunch is a familiar ritual. The eggs benedict, the mimosas, the weird takes on biscuits and gravy or granola… Brunch is expensive, but it’s also something that’s kind of, well,...

Venmo For Couples: Handling Expenses With Your Partner

Venmo for couples
Venmo is a popular mobile app that allows you to quickly send and request money from friends. It doesn’t matter what bank they use or what credit cards they have; Venmo makes things fast (with an added dash of social networking fun). Unsurprisingly, Venmo...

Budgeting Lessons From Civilization V

Civilization V Budgeting
Sid Meier’s Civilization is one of the most addictive video games ever. It also saved one couple’s finances. When Alex Recker and his wife Marissa had problems taming their freelance budget, they tried out a few approaches but were getting nowhere. Then Alex was playing...

Seasonal Stress: Managing Boom And Bust Cycles For Freelancers

Boom And Bust Cycles For Freelancers
In a perfect world, freelancers would have steady work from grateful clients. There would never be too little work to make ends meet, and there would never be too much work to humanly handle. Surprise! We don’t live in a perfect world. Freelancing is notorious for...

Motiv: A Productivity App For Freelancers

One of the biggest challenges freelancers face is how there’s no one-stop app for administrative tasks. Many self-employed folks (ourselves included) use separate products for time tracking, invoicing, and making project proposals. But one SaaS service on the market, Motiv, is trying something different:...

A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor

A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor, Via Imgur User Natsumori
Yes, you can find useful advice from a financial advisor on Imgur. Best known as Reddit’s main image-sharing site, Imgur has lots of unexpected corners--including helpful money advice from a financial advisor. Last year, a Imgur user named Natsumori put together this great Day in the...

The Best Reddit Personal Finance Tips

By Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States - Change, CC BY 2.0,
Social networking site Reddit can be massive and daunting to navigate--but it has some of the best financial advice on the internet. Reddit’s /personalfinance subsite (or sub-Reddit, as they call it) is a massive forum with tons of traffic devoted to all things personal finance....

Freelance Budget Management 101

Bills, bills, bills
Being a freelancer is great, but it also means that you pay your own expenses. That means (and we’ll teach you why it’s important to avoid this, but more in a second) putting business charges on your personal credit card and not having a...