Financial Infidelity: When Partners Lie About Money

Bad money ideas
Slate’s personal finance editor, Helaine Olen, just wrote a fine piece on financial infidelity and what happens on relationships when partners aren’t honest about their finances. Financial infidelity is much more common than you might expect… and shows up in relationships more often than...

The Best Reddit Personal Finance Tips

Social networking site Reddit can be massive and daunting to navigate--but it has some of the best financial advice on the internet.Reddit’s /personalfinance subsite (or sub-Reddit, as they call it) is a massive forum with tons of traffic devoted to all things personal finance....

Freelancer Personal Finance Tips

If you’re a freelancer--whether you’re an architect, a consultant, a musician, a writer, a beautician, you name it--taking charge of your finances will help you succeed at your business immeasurably.Over at 99designs, Tory Van Wey has five personal finance tips every freelancer should know....

One Freelance Journalist’s Money Management Tips

Getting personal finances in order is harder for the freelance journalist than for certain other fields. Journalists and researchers usually spend a lot of (tax-deductible) money researching and covering stories. Adding to the mix, many publications do not pay writers or videographers on a...

Money Lessons For College Graduates

The Simple Dollar's Holly Johnson has a great list of six things every college graduate needs to know about money:Learn about debt and interest. Credit cards aren't free money. Learn what it means to live below your means. Learn to compare job offers...

Acorns, The App That Invests Your Spare Change

Acorns app
Here's something useful: An app that automatically invests your spare change in the stock market--and picks smart investments all on its own.Acorns is a mobile app that takes your spare change from purchases, and automatically invests them in a set of ETFs (exchange traded...

Four Ways To Use A Roth IRA… Besides Saving For Retirement

Ron Swanson On Money
Roth IRAs are good for saving money for retirement, but that isn't the only thing they are good for. They can be used for down payment for a house, paying for college, an emergency fund, or saving money for your child as well.The Simple...

Skills To Help Achieve Your Financial Goals

Almost Millions: Personal Finance For Freelancers, 1099ers, & The Self-Employed
What is your recipe for financial success? What is your plan for changing your bad spending habits? How can you teach yourself to save more money, reduce your debt, and live a better life?The Simple Dollar says there are seven essential skills:Willpower Patience ...

Robinhood = Awesome Way To Get Started Investing

Almost Millions: Personal Finance For Freelancers, 1099ers, & The Self-Employed
A few quick words about Robinhood, a new-ish investing app that lets you purchase stocks through your phone without paying a fee:It's awesome.Robinhood makes its money through other methods, you save $7 or $8 on every transaction made. Crucially, it lowers the barrier for...

How To Make Your Money Earn More

Almost Millions: Personal Finance For Freelancers, 1099ers, & The Self-Employed
The good people at Acorns have solid advice on how to maximize returns from your investments.