Costco Membership Cost Increasing: Tips & Strategies

Costco is raising their membership prices in June 2017--if you’re getting a new Costco membership or renewing your annual membership, expect to pay more. It isn’t a big membership rate increase--it’s an extra $5 to $10 a year. However, it is the first membership...

Venmo Small Business Tip: Using Venmo To Pay PayPal

Some good news for the millions of small businesses using PayPal: Starting soon, customers will be able to make PayPal payments through Venmo. This means customer payments through PayPal are about to get much, much easier. PayPal payment through Venmo will be enabled this May...

“Help Me, I’m Poor” – Why Everything Costs More When You’re Broke

When you’re poor, everything costs more. It might not make sense, but toilet paper, auto insurance, and even college are more expensive when you don’t have money. Ironically, it’s easier to save money when you already have money in your pocket. Here’s why. "Help Me, I'm...

The Upper Middle Class Sucks At Saving, Too

The Upper Middle Class Sucks At Saving, Too
If you believe the stereotypes, you get better at saving money as you earn more money. But here’s the dirty secret: The upper middle class sucks at saving, too. A new survey from GOBankingRates found that 69% of Americans have less than $1000 in...

Study: Most Rideshare Drivers Never Heard Of The ‘Gig Economy’

Study: Most Rideshare Drivers Have Never Heard Of The Gig Economy
If you’re immersed in the tech world, odds are good that you’ve heard of the “gig economy”--a new world of business where independent contractors choose their own hours and the gigs they want through marketplaces like Uber, Lyft, and TaskRabbit. But there’s a problem:...

How To Make Cheap Trader Joe’s Meals

How To Make Quick Trader Joe's Meals
Trader Joe's is perfect for making quick, affordable meals. Here are a few ideas for easy meals for busy workweeks.

Yes, You Need An Emergency Fund

Yes, You Need An Emergency Fund
So… I always feel like a wet blanket talking about savings and emergency funds. But here’s the sad, necessary truth: If you’re self-employed, you need an emergency fund. More specifically, anyone who’s freelancing or self-employed needs to have at least several months salary stashed inside...

Cheap Ikea Ideas To Try

Cheap Ikea Ideas
When the world needs cheap furniture, the world goes to Ikea. The global furniture chain is a favorite for business and home life… and that makes it a natural for freelancers and the self-employed. Visiting Ikea on a busy weekend can be a soul-crushing experience....

John Oliver, Billy Eichner & Kristin Chenoweth Explain Retirement Planning

Sometimes, financial planning tips can come from the most unlikely sources. For instance, John Oliver’s retirement advice--which grew out of a humorous sketch about the (surprisingly interesting) 401(k) retirement industry. The television comedian’s advice is pretty simple: It centers around the fact that there are...

Motiv: A Productivity App For Freelancers

One of the biggest challenges freelancers face is how there’s no one-stop app for administrative tasks. Many self-employed folks (ourselves included) use separate products for time tracking, invoicing, and making project proposals. But one SaaS service on the market, Motiv, is trying something different:...