Costco Membership Cost Increasing: Tips & Strategies

Costco is raising their membership prices in June 2017--if you’re getting a new Costco membership or renewing your annual membership, expect to pay more. It isn’t a big membership rate increase--it’s an extra $5 to $10 a year. However, it is the first membership...

Venmo Small Business Tip: Using Venmo To Pay PayPal

Some good news for the millions of small businesses using PayPal: Starting soon, customers will be able to make PayPal payments through Venmo. This means customer payments through PayPal are about to get much, much easier. PayPal payment through Venmo will be enabled this May...

New Promotions Coming To Amazon Associates May 2017

Amazon Associates, Amazon’s popular affiliate marketing program, is getting some new features this May. Several new promotions mean affiliate marketing sites have more opportunities to make money… and there are some changes to Amazon’s affiliate rules as well. If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon’s affiliate marketing...

S Corporations And Double Taxation

S Corporations And Double Taxation
One of the easiest ways for self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers to pay less in taxes is by starting a S Corporation. Although the cost of starting an S Corporation and the tax benefits vary from state to state, incorporating generally means that most full-time...

SXSW On 1099s And W-2s

I went to a very interesting panel at SXSW 2017. (10)99 Problems and W-2s Ain't One was all about a topic near and dear to Almost Millions’ heart: The 1099 economy and how self-employed workers can prosper when they’re working on their own. The panel...

Alexa Productivity Apps & Skills: A Complete Guide

Alexa Productivity Apps & Skills
Alexa productivity apps are a good thing. But first things first: Amazon Echo and other Alexa products like the Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap are pretty dang cool. Amazon’s smart assistant is easy to use and, before you know it, becomes a regular...

Affordable Care Act Repeal 101 For Small Businesses & The Self-Employed

Affordable Care Act Repeal 101
Editor’s Note: Almost Millions is a non-political website that focuses on money education for freelancers and the self-employed. But no matter whether you voted for Clinton, Trump, or anyone else, the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) has serious...

How To Start A Company When You Have No Free Time: Our Link Picks, 12/16/2016

How To Start A Company When You Have No Free Time
Each week, Almost Millions highlights the best links we’ve found about personal finance and money management for freelancers and 1099 workers. Here’s our latest list: "Marriage counselors tell us that couples frequently tie the knot without discussing the core matters that can cement or sunder...

When Mechanical Turkers Organize

When Mechanical Turkers Organize
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk marketplace is one of the easiest places on the web to make a few bucks. Now Mechanical Turk users are working with each other.

When The Scope Of Work Changes

When The Scope Of Work Changes
Nearly every freelancer has been there: You’re working on a project for a client, and over time the client wants do so… something very different from what you originally signed for. Yup, it’s “Scope Creep.” Or “Project Creep,” if you prefer, and it’s one of...