Paying Off Credit Cards – A Beginner’s Guide

Credit Card
Your goal: Paying off credit card debt and making sure you remain credit card debt-free. If you’re trying to make that goal, there are two different options you have. Both depend on your personal preference and what works best for your approach: Controlling The Urge...

Avoiding Lifestyle Inflation

Some great advice from the Society of Grownups' Karen Carr via Credit Karma: Keep track of your personal finances. Have a vision and a goal for your personal lifestyle. Look at the bottom line - think about your income post-taxes/commitments. These three tips are simple...

Remember…. Credit Cards Are Loans

There’s something weird about the way we use credit cards. Most of the time, when we pay for items with credit cards, we don’t realize we’re that credit cards are loans. Credit cards aren’t free money. Every time you use a credit card at a...

Sip And Click: Drunk Online Shopping Is Now A Thing, Apparently

The Today Show knows it: Buying things online when you're drunk, and spending too much money on impulse purchases after a few glasses of wine is an actual problem. In the video above, Today's Dylan Dreyer talks to financial editor Jean Chatzky about ways to...

What To Do After Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Credit cards
So you’ve paid off your credit card debt. Congratulations! Celebrate that zero balance and the fact that all those finance charges, long-ago fast food meals, and department store purchases you only used twice have been paid off. Also: You did something really hard. Congratulations...

What’s A Credit Score, Anyway?

What's a credit score, anyway?
Many of us just love the idea of being judged by a single number. However, that’s how the world is. Welcome to the world of the credit score.