Reducing Your Credit Card Debt

The problem with credit card debt is that it’s easy to get into, but hard to get out of. Reducing your credit card debt means self-discipline and planning in the way you approach money. First off, reducing credit card debt means slashing into the spending...

Personal Finance Advice For Your Thirties

Almost Millions: Personal Finance For Freelancers, 1099ers, & The Self-Employed
Here's some great advice, courtesy of Quartz's Jenny Anderson: Your career will be a million things, but never exactly what you want when you want it. It will be big and bright and shiny and then it won’t be. Maybe it will be again,...

First Steps To Getting Out Of Credit Card Debt

First things first: Getting out of credit card debt is very possible. It is occasionally difficult, but getting out of credit card debt isn’t impossible. It just requires determination and planning. Determination Determination, when it comes to getting out of credit card debt, means having goal....

Money Lessons For College Graduates

Almost Millions: Personal Finance For Freelancers, 1099ers, & The Self-Employed
The Simple Dollar's Holly Johnson has a great list of six things every college graduate needs to know about money: Learn about debt and interest. Credit cards aren't free money. Learn what it means to live below your means. Learn to compare job offers...

Tackling Your Credit Card Debt

Credit Card
Here’s the good news: Tackling your credit card debt can improve your life immeasurably. Paying off your credit cards leads to a better future and some rather awesome personal and professional opportunities. It’s hard, but tackling credit card debt pays off in the long...

The Basics Of Personal Finance For Freelancers

100 Dollar Bill, Y'all
Noone has to be broke. Becoming a money rockstar has to do with three connecting things: Making money, spending money, and saving money. If you don’t have enough money in your pocket, odds are that you’re going wrong with one of these. But that’s...